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Quick and easy!

Email us with the file numbers of the images you require. Please include details of their intended use – such as editorial, advertising, brochure, web site, etc, and the proposed print run.

Also include your company name, address and contact phone number.

We will get straight back to you with a quotation. Our rates are competitive and based on the type and extent of reproduction.

We supply images in the following formats:

  • Low res jpegs at 72 dpi for web use via email
  • 25mb jpegs at 300dpi via email (suitable for most editorial use)
  • 50mb tiff files at 300dpi on CD or DVD via mail or courier.
  • Original 35mm transparencies via courier.

Digital images are scanned in industry standard Adobe 98 colour space.

For more info please call us on 01626 836309 (International +44 1626 836309) or email on

Home | Stock Images | Books | Tips | Gallery | FAQ's | Kruger Park | Contact

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Email us for information on commercial and personal use of images.