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The following pages show a representative selection from our extensive specialist archive of over 40,000 images of African fauna, flora and landscapes.

African Mammals

Animals by Species

 •Blesbok and Bontebok
 •Wild Cat

Animals by Theme or Concept

 •Africa`s Big Five
 •Animal Action and Behaviour
 •Animals Dusk to Dawn
 •Cute Baby Animals
 •Weird and Unusual Animals

African Birds

Birds by theme or concept

 •Bird Behaviour
 •Birds in Flight and Action
 •Colourful Birds

Birds by type or habitat

 •Birds of Prey and Vultures
 •Savannah and Grasslands

African Flora and Trees

 •Flowers and Trees

African Insects


African Landscapes

African Landscapes


South Africa

 •Kalahari and Northern Cape
 •Kruger NP and Lowveld
 •KwaZulu-Natal and Drakensberg
 •Western Cape

African Reptiles

 •Lizards and Geckos
 •Tortoise and terrapin

Outdoor Activities

 •Fly Fishing
 •Horse Polo
 •On Safari

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