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Nigel Dennis southern African wildlife and nature photography specialist



Nigel Dennis has travelled and photographed throughout southern Africa for 23 years. Although concentrating primarily on wildlife, he also covers a broad spectrum of nature subjects, including birds, reptiles, flora and African landscapes. His work has appeared in many of the world's top magazines, including National Geographic, Time, BBC Wildlife and Terre Sauvage. Nigel's images have been published in over 25 countries world-wide. To date he has produced seventeen wildlife, nature and travel books.

Nigel Dennis Wildlife Photography is an African wildlife and nature specialist photo agency. Our files contain over 40,000 quality images, including stunning action photos of African animals and birds, plus many rare and endangered species. Go to Stock Images to view a huge variety of sample images online. We are also pleased to provide tightly edited low res sample selections on request. We offer competitive publication rates and fast digital delivery of high resolution images. To order simply email us.

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