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Photo tips

Improve your wildlife photo skills with our extensive info on photo tips and techniques. In depth articles on shooting action, working with light, creating ultra sharp images, choosing photo hardware including image stabilizer lenses, making hides, mastering fill flash, choosing the right aperture and field craft. Click on the titles below to view a feature. Please browse, enjoy, and feel free to download if you wish!

Take a tour of Sabi Sabi - one of South Africa's most productive photographic destinations
Essential reading

Getaway Guide to Where to Watch Game in the Kruger National Park
This hugely popular book is a must for any visitor intent on seeing - and photographing - as much game as possible during a stay in Kruger. Each camp and the roads around it are described in detail, together with a map of game hot spots and top game drive routes highlighted. Best waterholes for photography are also indicated, along with useful general hints and tips on photography, plus a mammal checklist. The information in this book is based on the 800 days Nigel Dennis has spent in the Kruger National Park over a past twelve year period. The book is beautifully illustrated with many of Nigel's photographs. Essential reading if you wish to optimize your visit to this renowned Park. Email feedback from readers who have followed the game drive routes in this book have reported “Our best trip ever to Kruger”, “Fantastic sightings of the big cats” and “Great photo opportunities”.
Revised Edition 2003 Sunbird Publishing. ISBN 0 624 03885. Softcover 28cm x 21cm, 48 pages. Price R69.95
Available from most South African bookstores.

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