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Wildlife artists Ė looking for high quality inspirational reference material for you artwork? We can provide a high resolution digital scan that will produce a very finely detailed photo print for you to work from.

How does it work?

Select the photos that you wish to paint or draw from our Stock Images web pages. Email us with the file reference numbers. Our rates for Artists Reference Rights are very reasonable but please tell us your country of residence so that we can quote in your home currency.

Upon payment of the agreed Artistís Reference fee, we will make a high resolution colour corrected jpeg scan of selected images, and send to you via email (or CD if there are a large number of images). The high resolution scans will produce a finely detailed A4 size colour print at 300dpi. It is possible to print the scans on ordinary paper on a home colour printer. However, for best results use photographic paper or have the prints made professionally at a photo lab.

Who owns copyright?

The copyright of the photograph remains vested with the photographer. Artistís Reference rights allow the non-exclusive right to use the photograph for derivative artwork only and does not grant the right to publish or otherwise market the original photograph. Copyright of artwork produced from the photograph belongs, of course, to the artist. You are free to market your own artwork in any way you wish, including limited edition prints, publication as posters, etc, at no additional fee.

Can I use the photographerís work published in books or magazines as reference?

Yes, but please be sure to check with us first. Our standard Artistís Reference fee also applies for permission to use published photographs as reference.

For more info please call us on 01626 836309 (International +44 1626 836309) or email on

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